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International Investigations & Observations

White-collar criminal activities such as fraud, corruption, disloyalty, sabotage, and theft are becoming increasingly complicated, posing hazards to a company’s survival.

Our tailored investigative methodologies and tactics produce evidence that can be used in court as well.

We are professionals in gathering sensitive information about criminal behaviors and employing novel intervention approaches to provide personalized preventative strategies. Special investigation software aids investigative methods by clearly identifying complex relationships.

Expert Services in Criminal Investigative Techniques

  • An investigation that is both open and covert
  • Observation and operational activities
  • Asset Management
  • Investigations into international fraud
  • Forensic Analysis and Profiling
  • Identity Theft Security
  • Forensics of Information Technology
  • Forensics in the Real World

Crisis Management and Risk Reduction

We discover illicit activity through comprehensive investigations, allowing us to take preventative countermeasures to avert further damage.

Through systematic ways to solving crimes, we are able to detect criminal acts. Surveillance and monitoring of questionable people or places, with the goal of preventing future damage by preventive countermeasures.

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We are pleased to answer your enquiries and to provide individual security solutions.

Corporate Security Services

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Crisis Management

Security and safety issues are constantly increasing around the world. Evacuations from crisis areas are becoming increasingly required, in addition to terrorist-motivated kidnappings of firm personnel employed in other nations and extortions.

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Project Security

SSM-OPS assists businesses in obtaining projects in other nations. We coordinate actions with corporate security to minimize threats in partnership with them. We can be completely operating on short notice anywhere in the world.

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Travel Security & Travel Risk Management

Specific risk preventions for employees in crisis zones, as well as quick and expert support in the event of an emergency, are all part of our comprehensive travel security solutions.

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Kidnap & Ransom

Kidnapping and extortion are encouraged by drastic changes in today’s society. While kidnappings in the Arab world, Asia, and Latin America may have political motivations, kidnappings in Europe are virtually always motivated by money.

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Information Protection

Keep your expertise within your organization.

Only by having a thorough concept can one prepare for rival or secret service acts, the majority of which are meticulously planned.

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Background Screening

Comprehensive protection against criminal threats

A service program that does background checks on candidates, business partners, persons, and businesses.

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Product Extortion & Product Recall

A product recall can cause far more damage to a company’s reputation than it can generate material damage.

In the event of a crisis, you will be well prepared.

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