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Individual life situations necessitate unique solutions. Our Private Security Solutions, which are tailored to the individual or family’s level of threat, provide the best balance of security and personal privacy.

Our customized Private Security Solutions are based on decades of global experience. As a result, we consider prevention to be the most important component in ensuring the highest possible personal safety.

Comprehensive Personal Protection

Our sophisticated security ideas ensure optimum personal security while preserving your privacy to the greatest extent possible.

Personal and estate protection are both included in this package.

  • Personal protection and security escort are provided by a mediator.
  • Early detection of threats to people and property makes criminal acts impossible.
  • In the event of an alarm or suspicious activity by a third party, immediate intervention/reaction is required.
  • Individual Close Protection of Assigned Persons (including Special Protectees such as Children, Adolescents, and Others) in Real-World Risk Situations (Bodyguarding)
  • Protection for your estate and your property
  • House guarding (a preventative measure of estate security), for example, during vacations, school days, or business trips.

Former members of security agencies and bodies, such as law enforcement and the military, as well as intelligence services, make up our security consultants. We provide personal protection that is both unobtrusive and effective.

Threat Scenario Assessments and Vulnerability Analysis

  • Other related properties, such as residence estates
  • Installations for technical security and surveillance
  • Personal dangers
  • Routes that are often utilized
  • Background checks on employees and/or business partners – chosen functions
  • Screenings using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) to identify potential threats

Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Making a crisis strategy that includes regular evaluations
    forensic services are included in the personal security dossier (e.g. DNA analysis, voice and writing samples)
  • For security-related incidents, there is a 24-hour crisis hotline available

Training in Security

  • Behaviour-Training (general “every-day-security” or a specific issue) with a practical focus
  • Trainings on sensitivity and awareness are also available for children and teenagers.

International Peace and Security

  • Use of the SSM – OPS’s global security expert network
  • Access to a national data repository that provides travel destination security advice and counsel (ratings).

We are looking forward to meeting with you for a no-obligation consultation.

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We are pleased to answer your enquiries and to provide individual security solutions.