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Travel Security & Travel Risk Management

Specific risk preventions for employees in crisis zones, as well as quick and expert support in the event of an emergency, are all part of our comprehensive travel security solutions.

Our services include:

Risk Management in Travel

Business visitors and expats will be more likely to visit countries with serious safety concerns. SSM-OPS provides travel advise for nations with unpredictable risks.

  • Analysis of Risk and Vulnerability in Travel Management Processes
  • Prepare and implement a company-wide travel risk management strategy
  • Security management, including on-the-ground operations in crisis situations
  • On-site transportation and security escort

Information specific to a country

Specific understanding of current and global travel dangers, as well as ongoing monitoring of situational developments, will help you prepare for and enjoy your trip.

  • More than 200 countries and significant cities are represented in this database
  • Business travelers, expats, and overseas locations are all managed
  • Real-time travel tracking, receiving and transmission of event alarm messages
  • Pandemics, crime, health care, terrorism, strikes, and other themes are covered

Security Consciousness Training on the Road

We prepare you in-house for journeys and deployments in imperiled/high-risk countries by providing country-specific behavior- and security training.

  • Seminars on preparing for international assignments, with an emphasis on dangers and general prevention
  • Risk and dangerous conditions abroad are included in security training
  • Trainings tailored to each country
  • Women traveling for business in high-risk regions such as the Arab Gulf
    Kidnapping, data protection overseas, and extended first aid are examples of special issues

Optimal preparation ensures safe journeys around the world.

As the world becomes more globalized, business travel is becoming more common. Furthermore, the global security situation is becoming increasingly uncertain, as government systems in various nations become increasingly ineffectual, and climate change appears to be causing an increase in the frequency of extreme weather events. In addition to consulting for travel risk management, SSM-OPS also provides training for staff on how to deal with scenarios that could cause a significant problem for the traveler and, as a result, put the entire business trip in jeopardy. A properly-trained employee will be significantly less vulnerable to frequent pitfalls and traps since he or she will be far more informed and alert, and therefore well equipped against the odds. The contracting company therefore clearly meets its duty of care to the traveling employee and hence exhibits a strong interest in their safety.

Conduct and safety trainings for international business travelers

Customized trainings teach travelers about basic travel safety risks. They are aimed for all personnel who will be sent abroad and who are or may become exposed to increased dangers, particularly those who will be deployed into high-risk areas.

The intimate merging of theory classes and practical exercises is very important to us. The backbone of our trainings is guided interactive work on themes with participants, as well as scenario trainings. Contemporary hazards, threats, and related perpetrator techniques, as well as current scientific findings from stress research and perceptual psychology, will be addressed in the content. Many clients choose in-house trainings because they can more easily gather their personnel at a time that is convenient for them. Aside from that, in-house trainings allow the sending party, the employer, to incorporate their own travel organization’s demands and appropriate guidelines, resulting in a tailored training package for their staff.

Course contents include:

  • By interpreting existing data, a realistic evaluation of hazards abroad can be made
  • Preparation and security for travel
  • Aspects of security in relation to the utilization of local infrastructure
  • In conflict and high-stress situations, the behavior of both the offender and the victim is important
  • In the event of criminal acts, public demonstrations, or political upheaval, maintain a safe environment
  • Security forces and other authorities, as well as irregular groups, conduct checks and controls
  • Training on situational awareness and how to operate properly in particular scenarios

SSM-OPS’s Trainers

Our instructors are carefully chosen individuals with a wide range of foreign expertise. They are mostly former members of various security agencies with specialized training and functions, international combat experience, and many years of actual knowledge with security concerns and travel operations.

Further Seminars

  • For business travelers and expatriates, country-specific training is available (in-house trainings available, date of realization to be coordinated individually)
  • Seminars tailored to the threat level for deployments to high-risk areas (including; Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan)
  • Seminars tailored to specific risk types, such as “Information security for business travelers” and “Medical emergency treatment in remote places”. Other topics are available upon request
  • Seminars for travel managers
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We are pleased to answer your enquiries and to provide individual security solutions.

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